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Master of Eternity Launches Frame Arms Girl Crossover

MOE - Frame Arms Girl crossover -image

Beloved anime series Frame Arms Girl will be joining the cast of Master of Eternity for a crossover event. The Frame Arms Girl crossover will begin on Thursday, November 15th on both iOS and Android. FA Girl will be pitted against the Pixies of M.O.E., with characters from Frame Arms Girl releasing on a weekly basis. Week One is Gourai, Week Two is Stylet, and Week Three is Baselard and Jinrai. There will also be an Exclusive Collaboration Celebration that is going on now until November 14th. This includes 500,000 credits for over 100 shares, 5 Enhancement Tickets an5 AP Tickets for over 200 shares. There are also two guaranteed Grade S3 Tickets and Four COllaboration Mini-minis for over 500 shares. Another event is the ‘Guess Whose Skill is This’ Event from Thursday, Nov. 8 to Wednesday, Nov. 14 offers players the chance to win either 300 Gems or 500 Gems.

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