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MapleStory 2’s Massive ‘Awakening’ Update Launches

MapleSTory 2 Awakening Update image

MapleStory 2‘s biggest update since the initial launch of the MMO hits today on both the Nexon Launcher and Steam. The Awakening Expansion Update increases the level cap, adds a new class, a second job rank for all classes, new raids and much more. The Striker Class is a new melee-focused class, that uses a whirlwind of punches and kicks in a ferocious brawler style. All players will receive a free character slot, so they can being a Striker if they want. With that, the level cap for MapleStory 2 also increased from 60 to 70, and can also unlock Rank 2 job skills for all classes.

This update also adds new Hard Dungeons and Chaos Raids, both in Normal and Hard variants. This particular update features six new HarD Dungeons, that give players a shot at Frontier, Tidemaster and Demonwing epic gear sets. The three new Chaos Raids have players challenging Pink Bean for the first time in MapleStory 2. LEgendary gear sets await, from Enigma, Behemoth and Dark Vanguard.

In addition, players who log in before June 26, will receive a Striker Daily Wonder on the first character they log in with. Players who log-in every day will receive even more items including a Canola Bonito ground mount, a Floating Lotus air mount, a specially made Iron Fist Knuckles weapon skin for a Striker class, and a full Hysteria Outfit skin. Through June 26, Maplers with designated new characters will also be able to earn 3 levels every time they level up through the Summer Burning Event and earn new gear at level 60 to prepare for the challenges ahead.

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