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MapleStory SEA Announces First-Ever Dinner & Dance Event for Players in Singapore

MapleStorySEA Live Event news

PlayPark announced they will be hosting a dinner & dance event for MapleStory SEA players in Singapore this weekend. It will take place at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on December 8th, 2018. This is a first-ever event for Asia and is titled “Black Night” after the November 14th patch which set players on a collision course with the Black Mage in the latest and largest content update for MapleStorySEA. The event will take place from 6pm-11pm and attendees will receive a lavish 8-course meal. There will also be stage activities, prizes, free gifts, as well as an offline shop. The event was first announced at PlayPark’sPlayFest at the Tech Show 2018 while tickets went on sale during Community Manager Venshi’s FaceBook Live Stream on November 13th. The one-hour stream saw two out of 20 tables fully booked. As of November 17th, all tables have been occupied.

“We are very excited to dedicate this dinner & dance to the MapleSEA community who has supported us loyally over the years,” says Managing Director, Apol Dionglay, “This event is a first in Asia. We look forward to mingling and enjoying the Black Night Dinner & Dance with our community.”

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