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MapleStory 5th anniversary events

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MapleStory will be patching its servers on Wednesday to begin its 5th year anniversary celebrations.

The events will include the ability to join in a faction war between Cake and Pie, the three times a day chance to get a great GM buff – if you’re in town when it rains, the ability to revisit old quests for repeatable experience, commemorative rings and classic MapleStory weapon drops, and a new quest line. The quest will pit three 100+ level players together against Dragonair, after giving them the ability to fly. Rewards will include a special class box, which may contain new Durability items.

Nexon may also be rolling out other surprises on Wednesday as well. For those that don’t know. Nexon also publishes Mabinogi, Combat Arms, Dungeon Fighter Online and the upcoming Vindictus game.

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