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Sentinel Heroes: Expansion available on July 30th

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Sentinel Heroes

Sentinel Heroes Studios announces that Bloodfog Jungle, the first expansion for Sentinel Heroes will be live on July 30th, which will bring a new world to explore, along with a new level cap – 60 – and new events in which to participate, as well as some neat features to sweeten the pot.

1. New Recruit-able Hero – Phoenix: Losing all friends in the Epic war, the enigmatic Phoenix hides itself in Bloodfog, waiting for a new partner.
2. New Recruit-able Hero – Rogue Knight: Unlock the secrets of Wardrum Forest and do battle as a damage dealer with AoE attack, or tank.
3. Level Cap Increased to 60: Explore new regions and take on challenging new contents.
4. New Regions: Explore the Bloodfog Jungle and treacherous Wardrum Forest designed for high-level characters.
5. New Recruit-able Mobs: followers of Phoenix and Rogue Knight, among which Elder Jungle Stalker, Blue Dragonspawn Sorcerer and Ice Golem are blue heroes and were well known for their power and interesting abilities before the Epic War between Scourge and Sentinel.
6. New Equipments, New Events, New Daily Quests and New Amphitheatre for high-level characters.

There are also a few really neat features, among which possibly the most exciting one is Main Hero Eclosion. Eclosion is known as the best way to enhance a hero in Sentinel Heroes and will be open to the three main heroes (Silencer, Sacred Warrior, and Phantom Assassin) for the first time on July 30th. Sentinel Heroes Studios also looks to enhance social and PvP aspects of the game by introducing a brand new League (or Guild) System in the coming weeks and by optimizing the Talent System for high-level players, in order to further customize and tweak their characters to utilize certain play styles.

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