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Mankind Reborn Reveals New Development Update

Mankind Reborn Game Profile Image

Mankind Reborn revealed today that they are in the first phase of their playtest, where they are granting access to their community to test load balancing. Once the game is stable, they will begin to shift into the next phase, which will have a data wipe, and instead, be focused on economy playtesting. They are aware that most players despise the grind in game, but it does help them secure a stable release, and balance in-game, which is key. They do not know how long the second phase will be, but they would like it to be about a month long.

This latest update, Patch 0.1098 has the full list of updates below, as well as how donators can gain access to the game. But testers can look forward to an added stagger stat to weapons, and did a first-pass adjustment to semi/auto weapons. There were additional tweaks made to data saving as well to prevent inventory/storage issues. Auto magazine sizes were reduced from 100 down to 60, and Energy Pistol magazines went down from 75 to 45. They also added a message of the day upon initial login, will be retrieving the message from the server soon™, instead of being pre-set in the engine.

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