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Perfect World Launches The Trials

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Perfect World Entertainment is releasing an update to Perfect World International today.  Dubbed, “The Trials,” the expansion offers players a vast new array of options and content to enhance their gameplay.

Nine faction trials are available for up to 100 players to undertake unique boss encounters and challenges.  New areas and quests are available as well.  The game’s best armor is also upgradeable to be even better than the best now.

Perfect World Entertainment also publishes Battle of the Immortals, Jade Dynasty and Heroes of Three Kingdoms.

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Survive Nine Trials in the Largest PvE Experience Yet

(Foster City, CA) November 1, 2011 — Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of Perfect World Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: PWRD), today announced the imminent launch of Perfect World International: The Trials, the latest free update to Perfect World International, now one of the most popular free-to-play MMORPGs on Earth with over 50 million players.

The Trials launches November 2, 2011. To prevent the Grand Demon Lord from utterly destroying Perfect World, players must survive and conquer nine deadly perilous trials.

“The Trials is another terrific free content update for Perfect World International and reaffirms our commitment to supporting our amazing, and amazingly large, community of players with new and unique gaming experiences,” said Derick Chan, Product Manager, Perfect World Entertainment Inc. “The Trials even brings with it the largest and most challenging player versus environment experience yet, which includes a spectacular 100-person raid.”

Additional features in Perfect World International: The Trials include:

•    The Nine Ultimate Faction Trials
Band together with 99 others and undertake rescue missions, monster assaults, unique boss fights and tower defense challenges to stop the Grand Demon Lord’s evil schemes.

•    Travel to Exotic Places, Reach New Heights
Unravel the mystery of Elysium Village, complete high-level quests and experience a couple’s love – a power that could unite or destroy the entire world.

•    The Best Armor Gets Better
Acquire new items to complete the perfect armor set, re-forge powerful gear with brand-new materials and access the latest Rank 9 gear for the Earthguard race.

For more information about Perfect World International: The Trials, please visit the official website:

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