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Major Update for PoxNora

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Ever since Sony bought PoxNora, we’ve been wondering what they had in store for this unique turn-based collectible trading card/miniature MMO. A major new update, originally planned to go live on February 24th was released today. With this patch comes an overhaul of the UI and other changes to make the game more accessible.

Players will be treated to 20 new or improved maps, easier rune management, a new leveling system, and streamlined attack and defense values for their units. New comer and veterans alike may want to run through the new tutorial to get a feel for PoxNora. This isn’t a simple game, but its definitely a rewarding one once you figure it out.

Sony is also coaxing players to merge their PoxNora accounts with a Station account. This is a positive move since it will give players access to Sony’s entire MMO and MMORPG lineup including both pay to play and free to play titles like Free Realms.

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