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Mabinogi Sword of the Gods Expansion Videos

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Last week Nexon launched a new expansion for Mabingoi titled Sword of the Gods. The patch added plenty of new features, including all new skills. Fantasy Life Mabinogi is a quirky free to play MMORPG based on Celtic mythology. The game has a unique visual style and skill based progression.

Two of the new skills added with the Sword of the Gods patch are Evasion and Shock. Rather than having to explain what each one does, Nexon has provided short videos showing them in action so we can watch those instead.

Mabinogi Sword of the Gods Evasion Skill Trailer


Evasion allows players to completely avoid various ranged attacks. Each successful evasion increases the skill and makes it more effective.

Mabinogi Sword of the Gods Shock Skill Trailer


Activiating the Shock skill causes all nearby opponents to be hit with a bolt of electricity every few seconds. It can hit multiple opponents, making it very useful.

Besides its skill based combat system, which happens to be similar to the one in MegaTen, Mabinogi is known for its social aspects. A dance party video shows off some of the social components in the game.

Mabinogi Sword of the Gods Dance Party


The video starts out with a traditional dance routine before being interrupted by a more modern beat and dancers. Later we see dancers on the beach, in costumes, and other crazy locations. Its a light hearted video that matches the general atmosphere in Mabinogi.

Despite being developed by the same studio and sharing the same Celtic theme, Mabinogi should not be confused with Vindictus, Nexon’s latest free MMORPG. Players can learn more about Mabinogi on the official MMOHuts Mabinogi page which hasĀ  full review, additional videos, and plenty of in-game screenshots.

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