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TRIPLECHAIN Launches Official Media Channels for Upcoming Strategy/Puzzle RPG

Triple Chain Releases Social Media Channels

CUBINET is a member of 7 Senses Group, and have released social media channels for TripleChain. TripleChain is a strategy and puzzle RPG, coming to Google Play and the App Store in 3rd Quarter 2019. TripleChain will fuse puzzle games and hero collection together, and players will have to strategize and battle to create success. TripleChain will offer challenging story modes, 2D graphics and plenty of PVP/PVE to tackle for players of all ages.

In TripleChain, players start their journey with one hero in their team of mercenaries. Join the adventure of Lionel, a warrior, who is on a mission to seek for his lost memories. He is joined by an ally named Christina, a powerful wizard. Along the way, they will meet several more companions as they face tougher enemies as they progress through the story in-game. TripleChain also launched a host of social media channels, which are linked below.

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