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LOCO: Evolution introduces new hero and skills for Minity

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Land of Chaos Online has released a new hero and updated skills for another.

Crassus is the latest hero to join LOCO, and this 1200-year-old construct promises to pack a punch with shield, mace, or lance. Crassus’ skills are:

Charge of Machinery Soldier: Storms in a straight line forward. Enemies struck are damaged and thrown back.

Punishment of Elder One: Strike forward using the shield. Enemies struck suffer damage and are slowed.

Hardening Mode: Increase your hitpoints for a short time.

Auto Block: Block an opponent’s attack. This ability recharges quickly.

Barrier of Commander: Summon the Barrier of Commander. Within the effective radius, all allies have increased defesive capability. Once the shield disappears, all enemies in the effect radius suffer damage.

Meanwhile, Minity Grey has had her skills improved to this new skill set:

Gift Box: An offensive ability. A large gift falls from above and damages all enemies near the point of impact!

Mother Goose: A defensive ability. Once Mother Goose is in effect, Minity cannot be attacked directly. Prolonged effect time!

Strawberry Short Cake: An offensive healing spell. Turn an enemy into a piece of cake. Whoever eats the cake will gain health.

Freeze Me: Lowers the defense of buildings!

Puppet Show: An offensive skill against enemy buildings and heroes alike! Minity Grey summons a huge mechanical puppet.

Land of Chaos Online is published by Alaplaya, which also publishes Avalon Heroes and S4 League.

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Update on LOCO: Evolution reveals new hero and more

Munich, Germany, May 10, 2012

The free-to-play MOBA game LOCO: Evolution now provides its players with an additional hero. The machine creature Crassus causes devastation on the battlefield with spectacular melee attacks. Moreover, this update improves the skills of LOCO heroine Minity Grey.

The latest LOCO addition, Crassus, is a real heavyweight. Measuring more than 6’7″ in height and with a fighting weight of 440 pounds, the 1200-year-old construct is impressive to look at. Armed with a shield, mace, or lance, Crassus fights on the front lines and sweeps his enemies aside. His special skills include Punishment of Elder One, allowing him to do considerable damage or slow down his enemies. Crassus also possesses various skills that greatly increase his defense and health stats.

The abilities of fighter Minity Grey have been improved. She turns her enemies into pieces of cake, strikes them down with huge gifts, or summons a mechanical doll which inflicts heavy damage on enemy structures and heroes. She can also stop enemy attacks with powerful spells and provide cover to her allies from a distance.

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