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Sandbox MMORPG Fractured’s Kickstarter Campaign is Live

Fractured aims to be the first open-world sandbox MMORPG that will mix action combat with fully interactable environments, which should appeal to both fans of both competitive and cooperative gameplay. There are three races to pick from in Fractured, each with their own unique journey, with actual impact on game mechanics. This ranges from the society you live in to how you interact with others. Humans, for example, have total free will and can be as good or evil as they deem necessary, but are subject to a feudal society. Beastmen are more peaceful and cooperative, and Demons exist in a world of Blood and Terror, but this is not your final destiny. You can leave your people behind and leave in search of redemption or treachery as you deem fit, which promises to be exciting. They are seeking 116,561 dollars, and have a whole host of awesome rewards, which can be found below.

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