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League of Legends Update 4.5 Focuses on Bot Improvements

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League Of Legends Bot AI Update

A recent update to League of Legends has pushed AI bot computational formulas into untested grounds as the co-op VS AI mode continues to grow in popularity both among new comers learning the game and old veterans just trying to relax after a long day. No longer satisfied with the mundane and predictable robotic bots day in and day out, the players unanimously requested more human opponents, and Riot has offered the first steps towards delivering this.

With new calculations including detection of skill shots, analysis of opponent’s current skill cooldowns, HP factors, and improved threat evaluation, bots will not turn and fight over aggressive players attempting to bluff bots into retreat. Furthermore, they’re more likely to get out of dodge when they recognize they are outmatched.

Perhaps the scariest part of this update comes from the work diamond ranked quality assurance Riot member Afic added. Utilizing his advanced knowledge of the game, he improved build items and build orders for various bots, and taught them proper comboing of summoner skills with champion abilities to make flash kills and lengthy lockdowns more possible.

Find out the full details of the process and plans still to come in the official dev blog.

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