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Pandora Saga adds third-tier jobs

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Pandora Saga has launched a new major update, featuring the addition of third-tier jobs. These jobs are available at level 45, and expand the classes available in the game to a total of 28, including new jobs such as Juggernaut and Exorcist. The level cap has also been raised to 50.

Warhorses have also been added to the game, available after completing the Winds of War quest at level 40. These horses can be leveled up and trained to join the player in battle. The new title of Archduke is also available for the player with the highest honor in each nation.

Pandora Saga is published by Atlus Online, which also publishes Neo Steam.

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Believe it or not, there’s a * good * kind of third-tier job.

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA-MARCH 15, 2011-Atlus Online today launched loads of exciting new content for its newest massively multiplayer online role-playing game,  Pandora Saga, including highly anticipated third-tier jobs, a level cap raise to 50, mounted combat, a St. Patrick’s-themed costume (Astian Verdant Set), and more.

In addition to the game’s level-cap increase, players can now look forward to advancing their characters into third-tier jobs starting at level 45. Adventurers can learn new skills and play Pandora Saga as a Juggernaut, Saboteur, Corruptor, Exorcist, or another job of their choosing-each with their own specific style of play. With the addition of the third-tier jobs, gamers will have the opportunity to experience 28 different classes in Pandora Saga! For a complete list of jobs and their descriptions, visit

What’s more, after completing the new Winds of War quest, players will be able to take their trusty steed into war, taking battles to a whole new level. Players at level 40 and above may undertake the necessary quest to begin making warhorses. They will also be able to manage their horses by leveling them up and increasing their parameters to best fit their combat needs. The mounts in Pandora Saga are not meant to be cute pets, but rather partners in battle.

Players are encouraged to check out the Item Shop for the new St. Patrick’s-themed costume (only available from March 15-March 17) and sale on all Ice Weapons (until March 22). This is the last chance for players to buy their Ice Weapons, as their limited run in the Item Shop is about to come to an end! To learn more about Ice Weapons, visit

Starting today, players who earn honor points can become barons all the way up to archdukes. Only the player with the highest honor for each nation in Pandora Saga may achieve that coveted title. As players increase in rank, they can earn rewards such as inventory slot expansions, trading honor points for in-game items, learning new skills, and more. For more information on ranks and their specific benefits, visit

And there’s more! To register, play, and find more info about Pandora Saga and all the current and upcoming events, visit the official website at

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