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La Tale Launches Episode Genesis

La Tale Launches Episode Genesis Post Header

A world far far away…. Approaches at high speeds, a new visitor is upon the world of Jiendia. The vast lushes trees of Yggdrasil lurks from afar with Jiendia on a direct collision course. At the helm of Yggdrasil, the fearless ruler, Odin, stands ready with his mighty hammer in hand to fulfil his duty as the guardian of his realm. La Talers SCRAMBLE!!!!
OGPlanet, the popular free-to-play gaming portal launches a new Episode, Genesis, to the ever growing 2D fantasy MMORPG – La Tale.
Introducing 2 new maps Vanaheimr and Yggdrasil, both equipped with new bosses: Odin and Kazno! Be prepared to fight them in the new dungeons along with this release:

  • • Road of Flower
  • • Road of Moon
  • • Road of Dream
  • • World’s Genesis


  • • New La Tale Messenger
  • • New Game Interface Revamp
  • • New Damage Display Revamp

New Achievement System:
Complete missions from any of the following categories, level up (Max Lv. 20) to gain permanent stats.

  • • General Missions
  • • Growth Missions
  • • Explore Missions
  • • Challenge Missions
  • • Combat Missions
  • • Misc Missions

And much much more awaits in La Tale….

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