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Juggernaut Announces Versus GM Event

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Mail.Ru has revealed new events for Juggernaut, where players can battle the game’s GMs and Admins.

From now until May 27, players can fight against the Juggernaut staff, who will be stripped of special powers and equipment, and left only with their natural skills to battle. Players can also join with their server’s admin team to battle other teams from around the world, with a cumulative worldwide battle royale during the weekend. All players who participate will earn coins that can be exchanged for items at the end of the event.

Mail.Ru also publishes RiotZone.

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Pwn A GM For Fun And Prizes

Hamburg, May 21, 2012. Leading publisher Mail.RU Games announced today the arrival of new events for their successful Free-to-play role-playing game, Juggernaut. Pit your skills against the player’s admins, stripped of their buffs, and prove who truly rules in Haradan! Suit up with your best PVP abilities and charge straight over to where players can register and play for free.

Mail.RU Games has come up with another amazing Juggernaut event: it’s time for the gamers to pit themselves against the admins! From today until May 27th, the warriors of Haradan have the opportunity to fight against the game’s GMs and support staff. For this unique period, the admins will be stripped of all their special powers and equipment, though as longtime veterans of the game they won’t be easy to defeat.

Join forces with your server’s admin, and take on teams from around the world. Initially only two GMs will be available, but as the event rolls on more will join in – culminating with a massive battle during the weekend you simply can’t miss. Each warrior who participates in these battles will earn coins, which can be exchanged at the end of the event for valuable items.

This is all in addition to recent events including aiding Vestia the Orphan, who smiles brightly in the Brandendal Suburbs, tending her flowers, along with “In The Service of Gkhorr” where you must compete with fellow players to defeat and capture the escaped ghosts and return them to the Altar of Gkhorr for rich rewards!

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