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WildStar Post Fuels Business Model Change Speculation


Carbine’s announcement today of (amazing!) new items being offered only for new players who pick up a physical copy of WildStar on today’s date or later is driving speculation that this is an overt attempt to liquidate the last of the ‘buy to play’ shelf stock of the game.

It’s no secret that WildStar experienced quite the troubled start, and, despite multiple efforts and promotions from Carbine, the game has not yet quite recovered from its tailspin. With rival Elder Scrolls Online paving the way into the buy to play space, it seems necessary for WildStar to act and soon. Thus recent news of Australian EB Games and JB Hi-Fi (source – getting the orders to pull their hard copy stock seems to point that a free to play model is more likely than the buy to play route.

More hard facts on this story are likely to emerge before we’re through the summer. For full details on the new retail item pack, check the official post.

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