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SMITE’S New God Chronos Unleashed

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Today, Hi-Rez Studios have released their latest addition to the growing SMITE roster: Chronos, Keeper of Time.

As a mage wielding the gears of time, Chronos can command a huge influence over battles with his time-related abilities. Wielding Chronos’ Wheel of Time, players can trigger one of a number of different benefits depending on where the wheel is stopped.


With his ultimate, Rewind, Chronos demonstrates his absolute command of time and influence over the battle by traveling back to where he was eight seconds before. Health and mana are gained as well as all cooldowns (except rewind) being reset instantly.

For a full rundown of Chronos, check out the god reveal video below.

Included in the Chronos patch are Legendary Skins which have been added to the game. Every gold skin purchase will award a Legendary Skin once a player has reached Mastery Rank 10. If they are already at rank 10, the Legendary Skin will unlock after playing a match.

The full list of updates can be found in the patch notes.

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