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Intrepid Studios Unveils New Official Site, Hunting for New Talent

Ashes of Creation Taverns Header

Do you have what it takes to join a team building the future of the MMORPG? Intrepid is listening. Intrepid Studios unveiled their new website (seen below) for their MMORPG, Ashes of Creation. It’s a gorgeous new look with quite a lot of information on it for those interested in this budding MMO. The two major additions to the website are a note that they are building their team, and looking for a variety of roles to be filled for the Ashes of Creation universe. From Senior Game Designer, Senior Producer, Executive Game Assistant, Senior Gameplay Programmer, Senior FX Artist and Senior Technical Animator, these could be yours if you fit the bill! There are also two unannounced projects within the Ashes of Creation universe, and while information for these will be revealed at a later date, now is the time to reach out to their PR team if you are interested! Job-related inquiries should be sent to

“We’re now rolling on all cylinders after an extremely successful Alpha Zero testing phase. Our community continues to grow, and frankly the level of support we see from our players is nothing short of astounding.” said founder and Creative Director Steven Sharif. “We’ve got big plans for Ashes of Creation and the universe we’re building, and we can’t wait until later this year when we get to show it off.”
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