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Heavy Metal Machines’ Esports Championship Arrives on the South American Servers

Heavy Metal Machines Metal League Begins

Hoplon announced that beginning tomorrow (May 25th, 2019), the Heavy Metal Machines eSports tournament takes off. It will take place on the South American server, but players the world over are welcome to enter this tournament, featuring cash prizes. The next field of battle will be on the North American server in August, but things kick off on the South American server. The Metal League has a prize pool of  R$ 15,000 (roughly 3,700 USD), as well as in-game items.

The tournament consists of two phases: the Qualifiers goes from May 25th until June 29th, from 4 PM to 10 PM UTC 0, and is open to all players that use the team feature and register for the event. Then we have the Playoffs, where the 8 highest-ranked teams from the Qualifiers face each other. Interested parties can join the official Discord, get some teammates together, and join the battle. The prize money will be shared between team members, and the top four will be awarded as shown below:

Top Four Prizes:

1st place – R$ 6,000.00, about US$ 1,480.00

2nd place – R$ 4,500.00, about US$ 1,110.00

3rd place – R$ 3,000.00, about US$ 740.00

4th place – R$ 1,500.00, about US$ 370.00

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