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GTArcade Announces Magerealm Game Update is Now Live

GTArcade Announces Magerealm Game Update is Now Live News Header

GTArcade has received great responses from the recent Closed Beta and would like to thank you all player for their support. If you have not been able to join in the Closed Beta there is no need to worry, we are happy to give you the specific features that supplements and perfects Magerealm.
Guild Events
First on the list is the collection of Guild Events. Fun and rewarding, Guild Events are a great way to level up, obtain items and have fun with friends. The Pool Party is a favorite among players. Throw soap and play pranks on your guild mates while gaining EXP and Amethyst used to upgrade your skills. Bonfire Party is a more laid back and relaxing way to gain EXP and to get to know your friends better.
However, not all Guild Events are peaceful and relaxing. The Defender event requires you to repel Barbarian Invaders and protect your guild territories. This is where you need to upgrade your guild’s Mana Cannon which is crucial to your victory in this event.
These guild events needs to be activated by your guild leader and can be unlocked after your character reaches level 25.
World Boss
Another exciting event is the World Boss Event that takes place twice a day. Compete with other players for damage done to the world boss and fight for loot. This event allows you to play with others on your server and also gives you a chance to see how powerful you are compared to other people.
Be careful though, when the boss has less than 10% of health left, PVP is activated. At this point, players can kill each other so that they can be the one who ends up last-hitting the boss. The player who kills the boss gets to dig the Boss’s remains to obtain great rewards.
What could be more exciting than PVP? Raiders! In this event, players are split into two teams tasked with the collection of Mana Crystals. Deposit these crystals or kill other players who are transporting crystals to gain points. You have to cooperate with your teammates to guard the crystals and work together to bring down a stronger enemy. In the last minutes of the game, the crystal in the middle is reset into a crystal that grants extra points so the action gets extra crazy. Stay alive, harvest crystals and get rewards!
Features and Choices
Mageream is an extremely feature-rich game, providing complex and diverse advancement paths. There are more events than the above mentioned ones. You will never run out of things to explore in Magerealm. Players can spend hours and hours learning the intricacies of the game. Strategy plays a large role in your effectiveness in battle, and every choice you make can determine victory or defeat.

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