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Grand Chase introduces Rin

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Grand Chase has released the first of three major updates, also known as Heroes: Act 1.

The update introduces Rin, a fan-wielding, uniquely styled female character available for free for all players. Along with the new character, several events are in place, including: giveaways to players who log in every week for the next four weeks (including a PS Vita, an Alienware gaming laptop, and RagePoints); in-game rewards for helping Rin reach various milestone levels; a sale on Phoenix Fusion Packages until  March 20; and the special Eclipse Event.

In this last event, most dungeons will be eclipsed in darkness every 10 minutes, revealing Dark Acolyte monsters. Players who kill these monsters will earn a Total Eclipse Chest; 100 of these can then be exchanged for a Goddess’ Supply Chest that includes Rin’s Shadow Card and a Grade 13 Refinery Scroll.

Grand Chase is published by SG Interactive, which also publishes Trickster Online and Project Blackout.

Rin: Eclipse

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SG Interactive Rolls Out Big Gaming Rewards and New Character to Introduce Grand Chase: Heroes

Alienware Gaming Laptop and PlayStation Vita Await Lucky Winners

Irvine, Calif. – March 6, 2012 – SG Interactive brings to light the latest update to itsmassively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), Grand Chase. The newest release entitled Grand Chase: Heroes is starting off with Act 1, the first of three major updates. Taking center stage will be the brand new character, Rin – the fan wielding goddess with her own unique play style – who will be free for all players. Adventurers also will be able to experience the Eclipse, a darkness that sweeps across all dungeons offering many challenges and great rewards. SG Interactive will be celebrating with an extensive giveaway including an Alienware gaming laptop as well as numerous events. Gamers can begin playing as Rin and trying out Grand Chase: Heroes by registering on the game’s official page for free.

SG Interactive events include:

  • Be a True Hero: Players that log in every week for the next four weeks will have a chance to win a PlayStation Vita or an Alienware gaming laptop, as well as several in-game prizes. Fourteen winners will be selected weekly and SG Interactive will award $100 (one winner), $50 (three winners) and $10 (10 winners) in RagePoints, the in-game currency. At the end of the fourth week, two lucky winners will take home one of the grand prizes mentioned above.
  • Rin Level Up and Limited Package Sale: Those that reach various milestone levels using Rin will receive special in-game rewards including Reinforcement Stones and Refinery Scrolls. In addition, the Phoenix’s Fusion Packages are on sale until March 20.
  • Eclipse Event: Starting today and ending on Tuesday, March 20, every 10 minutes most dungeons will be eclipsed in darkness, revealing the Dark Acolyte monsters. Players who kill Dark Acolytes will be rewarded with a Total Eclipse Chest. Collecting 100 of these chests will earn gamers a Goddess’ Supply Chest filled with Rin’s Shadow Card and a Grade 13 Refinery Scroll!

Grand Chase: Heroes is a side-scrolling action MMORPG that allows up to six players to battle monsters in dungeons, or face off against other gamers in combat. Adventurers can engage in team battle and survival modes of gameplay, with each type supporting both tag and item matches. For more information and to play the game for free, visit

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