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Khan Wars – Halloween Event 2017 Begins

Khan Wars Halloween Event Header

Khan Wars is hosting a special Halloween event, starting today! This event features a special quest. What awaits? Here’s the details:

Your city is haunted by the creepy pumpkin head, and you have to do ten tasks within the 7-day game period.

There is a new event block in the game, where you get the questions asked by the pumpkin. There you can collect exciting prizes such as:

  •  A set of units
  • Extra resources in gold, iron, wood and food for your units
  • Special items for your knight
  • And the opportunity to buy 25% more gold over the entire length of the event

If you have not answered a question correctly, you can repeat it after 30 minutes waiting time! Are you able to answer all 10 questions correctly and collect all the winnings by 31.10?
Do not miss the unique opportunity and register now for Khan Wars!

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