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Granado Espada (EU): Official May Update for 20th of May, 2014

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EuroGamez GmbH has announced today, they launched the official May update with many attractive events in Europe.

May update is focusing on the shop change by gamer suggestions and Events that give many useful items for playing and material of gear creation.

Playtime event will give rare character and Punisher Stance Book and Elite Le Noir recipe and Clair’s Mission Event will give many of material items for creating gears.

Eurogamez think these rewards will give a good chance to players for having an upgraded gears and good motivation of enjoying.

Additionally EXP Boosting Event is running during 2 weeks and gamers can level up faster than before abnormally with this update.

Eurogamez announced also about the monthly special Event for gear up items and they will provide that event with monthly basis for more comfortable situation for Granado Espada gamers.

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