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GodsWar Online adds new Romance Island map

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GodsWar Online has added a new map for its players, called Romance Island.

The map’s focus is resource gathering, and offers every resource needed for the new Profession system that was recently introduced. Available are Mine Veins (requiring Hoes), Hunting Ranges (requiring arrows), and the Nifty Garden (requiring shovels). As players gather items, they will turn into a bunny wearing a safety hat using the tools to gather items, and then return to the character’s appearance when done.

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GodsWar Online: New Gathering Map Added

GodsWar Online has just released a map called Romance Island, dedicated to the fine art of resource gathering. This area has an abundant amount of every kind of resource useful in the newly-introduced Profession system, all set amongst lush scenery. With the correct tools in hand, players can expect to roll out with many different kinds of materials that are required for making all sorts of handy items. Romance Island is not the only gathering place in the world of GodsWar Online, but it is surely at the top of the list!

Gathering Points Layout

Throughout Romance Island there are a total of 9 gathering points, evenly distributed at Mine Vein, Hunting Range and Nifty Garden. With the help of the Gathering Node Transporter, players can visit each of these specific points to start gathering resources.

Mine Vein: Requires Hoes and the other similar tools to begin gathering. Abundant in copper ore and silver ore and more.

Hunting Range: Requires Arrows and the other similar tools to begin gathering. Abundant in beast hide and fur etc.

Nifty Garden: Requires Shovel and the other similar tools to begin gathering. Abundant in worms or herbs of medicinal value.

Gathering Process

When the gathering activity is initiated, your character will turn into a cutesy bunny wearing a safety hat, and with many different tools in hand. When the gathering activity is over, the bunny will turn back into your character. Just picture the landscape with a massive colony of rabbits hard at work…funny right?

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