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PAX Prime Day 3 Recap – Better Late than Never Edition

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By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), PAX Pox Survivor


Late apology to our readers on this one. Life combined with one of the nastiest flus I’ve ever gotten at PAX combined to take me full out of commission at the end of last week. As such I’m just now finally putting words on paper to describe my indie heavy final day visiting the Seattle Convention Center. I wouldn’t normally even follow up this late after the event but one thing gives me motivation to, the Indie Mega Booth. These hard working individuals don’t get nearly enough media spotlight as they should and I met up with two particularly stellar individuals this year that have stories to be told. As such I now jump into recapping my final fateful day at PAX before the Pox struck in full force.


Table of Contents

Blizzard – Heroes of the Storm

Muse Games – Guns of Icarus Online

Endless Legend Dev Interview and Demo

Kitfox Games – Moon Hunters

Day 3 Bonus Pics and Cosplay

More Coming Soon!

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