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Gloria Victis Releases New Website With Concepts & Contribution System

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Gloria Victis has announced the launch of its new website after several revisions, apologizing for delays meant to ensure a perfect release. The website reveals many of the game’s concepts and world lore.

Gloria Victis Screen

The announcement also elaborated the state of the game’s contribution status. In their words:

Our website will be using the Xsolla system to accept future contributions, Xsolla is a complex international payment system that offers hundreds of payment methods including SMS payments. The current thank you gifts are preliminary ones and we will be releasing different thank you gift packs in the future such as getting our artists to custom make a coat of arms that will appear ingame, your name carved on plaques and gravestones ingame etcetera. Those that have donated already or donate now will be eligible for these future thank you gifts when they are released. This brings us one step closer to launching our official fundraising campaign and one step closer to becoming a fully fledged indie development studio.

Also, remember to back us in the indieDB top indie game of 2013! Last year we took out fifth place, let us see if we can beat our previous position, it all rests on your click! Furthermore, we will be hosting a series of quick trivia questions leading up to Christmas based on the content on the various tabs such as nations, combat, crafting and equipment on our website, so head over and check them out now!

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