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Gloria Victis Enters Pre-Alpha Testing

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Gamers who were lucky enough to win keys in the various Gloria Victis contests and giveaways are now among the first to experience the indie Medieval experience of Gloria Victis. This early test only features a small Cliffside village and forested surroundings but the graphical improvement from prior images is astounding. For the rest of us interested in trying the game out though, Stage 2 of testing is a mere week away.

Stage Two of the Pre-Alpha will involve an update of two large maps, mobs, quests and possibly include a sneak peak of its sandbox crafting system. Gloria Victis will also be launching a fundraising campaign to ensure more server capacity to maximize the number of players able to jump in and test it out. Keep an eye out as MMOHuts and OnRPG will be hopping in during this stage to get you our Early Access impressions during this stage!

Initial reactions from Pre-Alpha testers has been positive with most comments pointing out the impressively built landscapes, realistic day/night and weather cycles and related lighting effects, and approving comments on the early stages of comment.

Those looking to ensure their spot in the alpha testing should keep an eye out on their official Facebook Page for upcoming giveaway opportunities. And be sure to check out our updated gallery of images.

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