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Global Strike: Mutant Mode Now Available

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Global Strike

Mutation mode in Global Strike is ready to bring more interesting gameplay content to players. Players will be infected and turned into mutants randomly. As the mode is named, mutation, the mutants play a key role in this mode. When the number of mutants reach the requirement, all mutant players will gain certain attribute bonuses. Let’s take a look at the brand new mutation mode!

After entering the mutant faction, when the player’s mutant reaches the growth condition, it will change into a matrix.

The matrix’s HP, ATK and Jump ability are better than normal mutants. It also knows other human players’ location. The matrix is the only mutant that cannot grow. The matrix’s strength lies in its strong Shield, which reduces damage and increases its speed dramatically. Considering that it has strongest overall ability among all of the mutants, it must be the strongest enemy to the human heroes.

When the matrix appears, players can check its location in the map. That is convenient for the human faction to find and attack the matrix.

Gale Monster: It is a speed-based mutant, possessing the charging skill. It can run to a target instantly. When it gets close to a player, you must move away quickly to open fire on it. You have to know that it moves extremely fast. It can move towards you and infect you before you know it.

When you are chosen as a mutant, don’t panic! Just enjoy the unique view as a boss and find your prey. Your mission is to find the hidden humans, get close to them and infect them. All you need to do is catch them with your claws and then they will be infected!

Don’t be disappointed if you are not chosen as a mutant! Maybe, you will be a predator next time. Moreover, the humans also have the evolving ability. No matter which type of mutants they are, they can only use their claws for melee attack. If you are wanting to defeat the mutants players can try long-range fire!

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