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Gamer Sensei teams up with H2K Gaming

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Gamer Sensei, whom we recently worked together with [and shall again soon!] recently made a huge announcement. H2K Gaming, the world-renown gaming organization, mostly known for their EU LCS League of Legends team, is now going to be working exclusively with Gamer Sensei! Gamers/MOBA enthusiasts who desire to learn more from the H2K Pros can go to Gamer Sensei and pick up a tutoring lesson directly from them!  In addition to the team themselves, their coach Pr0lly will also be offering lessons as well. Many of these will be live streamed on Twitch, and some of the best stuff will be put into compilation videos on Youtube, which is also pretty exciting, and for someone who wants to get their name out their potentially for the pro scene, this could definitely be way to get their name out in a more public forum. H2K Gaming’s pros will also host a number of new videos including the latest tutorials, funny mid-game failure compilations and more as they highlight some of the best strategic and highly mechanical plays each month.

“A partnership with Gamer Sensei makes total sense for us,” said Susan Tully, CEO of H2K Gaming. “As a team known for a level of quality coaching and strategic play that makes us Hard to Kill, we’re a perfect match for what Gamer Sensei’s doing. We can’t wait to bring our knowledge and skills to players around the world through the Gamer Sensei platform.”

“We’re thrilled to have the H2K crew join our growing roster of expert professional coaches on Gamer Sensei,” said Jim Drewry, COO at Gamer Sensei. “The fact that H2K’s fans will be able to join the site and book a session with their favorite H2K player is very exciting and supports our goal of connecting esports pros with competitive players who want to learn from the best as they master their favorite game.”

As someone who has worked with, and had a lesson with someone on Gamer Sensei, I do highly recommend them. It was the most positive and helpful experience I’ve had in a MOBA game yet.

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