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Game Insight Launches ‘Transport Empire’ for Android

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Transport Empire

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a business tycoon? Game Insight gives you a chance to turn this dream into reality as Transport Empire, the Steampunk tinged strategy game, has been released for Android and is available for download in the Google Play Store. The game was previously released for iOS platforms.

Transport Empire is an engrossing industrial strategy game that invites players to restore production and create a vast transport network in the once prosperous country of Storwell. The game offers a broad range of vehicles for the players to manage including five different types of locomotives, multiple classes of steamboats and airships.

Transport Empire gives players a chance to put their management skills to use not only in the logistics field but also in other areas. The game challenges you to develop production, build mines, quarries and farms to provide an uninterrupted resource supply while improving living conditions in the city and constructing factories and warehouses.

The game has been developed using the Unity games development engine and tool set. Alexander Vashchenko, president of production at Game Insight, commented on picking out this particular technology. “One of the important tasks while developing the game was to make Transport Empire graphically beautiful so that it would stand out among other mobile games. Choosing the Unity engine helped us achieve this goal perfectly.”

“With a myriad choice of cross platform development options and fantastic 2D and 3D development tools, Unity has become the powerhouse of video game development”, said Antony Douglas, Vice President of EMEA Unity Technologies. “Transport Empire is a fantastic example of the kind of beautiful 2D game that can be built in the platform”.

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