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FreeStyle Street Basketball adds eight new tracks

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In celebration of its second anniversary, FreeStyle Street Basketball has released eight new tracks, available for free to listen to in-game or on its website.

These tracks include two vocals and six instrumental numbers and include:

Winner by Flowsik (feat. Decipher)
Hustle n Grind by District 78 (feat. Young Pops, Heavy & Nicole Kehl)
U Know How We Do It by Artisan Beats
Lead Away by Gonzo
Fired Up by Marco
The Front Line by Mild Beats

The update also releases a new character, Garcia, and new skills, both of which are being given away during special anniversary events.

FreeStyle Street Basketball is published by GameKiss, which also publishes GhostX.

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FreeStyle Releases New Hip Hop Beats in Game

[SEONGNAM, SOUTH KOREA] Marking the second anniversary of its launch, MMO basketball game FreeStyle, a popular game provided by a global game portal, GameKiss, unveiled 8 new background music on February 23.

These new BGM numbers include 2 vocals and 6 instrument music numbers produced with participation of District 78 ( and Flowsik who are enjoying popularity in the authentic U.S. hip hop underground music group.

Additional new 8 BGM numbers with lilting hiphop rhythms are highly appreciated by users who want American authentic hiphop rhythms. A game user living in Los Angeles with the character name of ‘zelgano’ praised the new music saying, “It is true that existing BGMs are somewhat stifling as they are Korean hiphop rhythms, but now game has become more amusing as new BGMs feature more lilting and dynamic beats.”

The following BGMS are listed below, and users can listen to them by accessing FreeStyle’s game site (

1. Winner by Flowsik (feat. Decipher)
2. Hustle n Grind by District 78 (feat. Young Pops, Heavy & Nicole Kehl)
3. U Know How We Do It by Artisan Beats
4. Lead Away by Gonzo
5. Fired Up by Marco
6. The Front Line by Mild Beats

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