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Troy Online adds new battleground

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Troy Online has announced the release of a new battlefield.

The new battlefield lets players of all levels participate, rather than separating them by level. Winners will earn a buff (+10% magic and physical attack) for their entire faction, not just the players who participated, and that buff will last until the next battle. Inside the battlefield, one team will defend a central capture point. The attacking team must take over and occupy the point for five minutes to win; the defensive team can win by holding the point for 20 minutes.

Troy Online is published by Alt1 Games.

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TROY – the Advance on a New Battlefield for Honor for Each Faction

A portion of the Troy long-term update schedule was released which a lot of users have been waiting for with anticipation. According to this schedule, it’s planned that a big scale update will include a balance optimization among classes and new contents for higher level users on Oct 13. Also a new battlefield will be open for users of all levels on Sep 15. Unfortunately the details regarding this update are not revealed this time.

The new battlefield updated on Sep 15 is different from the previous level wars. The previous battlefields were divided by the player’s levels. However, in the new battlefield, all players can participate regardless of level. The reward buff for the winners will affect the winning faction as a whole and of course the users who participated in the event as well. It is important how well each group unites as one in this new battlefield. The users should have a more enjoyable in the battlefield with the upgraded system.

The concept for the new battlefield is as follows: One faction defends a capture point in the center of the temple while the opposing faction will attempt to overtake it. To succeed on the offensive, you must take over and stand within the capture point for 5 minutes. To succeed on the defensive, you must stand on your ground and defend your territory for 20 minutes. The reward for winners are as follows: +10% magic and physical attack buff when hunting monsters will be given to all faction members until the next battle time.

In this battle system, the outcome depends on the strategy through the communication of each faction’s respective members. The reward buff for the winners is given to all members of their respective faction as well as participants who, in addition to the buff, will also receive experience points, in-game Dra, and rewards chests. Thus, it’s expected that this will become the most sought battlefield in Troy online.

Alt1games have made it their mission to create Troy online together with the users. They aim to listen to the community and implement the requests of the users, such as improving lag, restoring the durability of items when finishing battlefields, displaying future battle times and improving wars with the addition of a new battlefield mode as well as support systems for their user’s convenience.

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