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Forsaken World begins open beta testing

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Forsaken World has officially launched its open beta testing today, allowing all players interested in the game to begin without the need of the beta key. There will be no data wipe between open beta and the game’s eventual official launch, so now’s a great time to get a head start. This open beta is releasing two weeks ahead of schedule, since it was set to release on March 23.

Forsaken World is published by Perfect World Entertainment, which publishes Battle of the Immortals, Ether Saga Online, Jade Dynasty, Perfect World, and Heroes of Three Kingdoms.

Forsaken World Gameplay Screenshot


All servers are now live for the launch of the Forsaken World open beta!

You can now log in and start forging your own path through the world of Eyrda!  With the launch of Open Beta, no more character wipes will occur.  Everything from this point on is for keeps!  If you’ve been waiting for this moment to come, then come and join the thousands of other people that are now playing Forsaken World!

Remember that this is just the beginning!  Get yourself situated in everything Forsaken World has to offer, because a lot more is coming on the horizon!

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