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Final Fantasy XIV-themed Wedding Service Opens in Japan

Final Fantasy XIV wedding news

Square Enix has partnered with Bridal Hearts in Japan to offer a “Final Fantasy XIV-themed Wedding Service”, which reservations expected to open in the next few weeks. This allows people to enjoy elements from Final Fantasy XIV‘s “Eternal Bonding Ceremony” from in-game in real-life. This includes matching outfits, decor, and the overall presentation in an actual wedding ceremony. Both the wedding dress and tuxedo are modeled after the in-game versions, and a variety of in-game assets are used as background images and video to decorate the event, bringing the Eternal Bonding Ceremony to life. The Bride/Groom are also able to carry the job weapon of their choice (modeled after the in-game versions) during the proceedings.

Final Fantasy XIV music is also played throughout the ceremony, and an FFXIV-themed cake is also a part of the package, as well as a full menu for the reception with FFXIV-themed food and drink. According to a press session after the ceremony, a standard plan for the FFXIV Wedding Service with 70 guests would run about 3.5mm Yen / $31,500.

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