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Fiesta Online to launch new browser client

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Outspark has announced that Fiesta Online will soon be adding a new browser-based client in North America, as part of a major expansion.

The client is expected to be released sometime in the next few months, and will grant access to the same game and servers that are currently available with the downloadable client. The remainder of the expansion coming with the new client has yet to be detailed.

Outspark also publishes Luvinia Online and Seven Dragons.

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Fiesta Browser Client Coming Soon

Outspark and Ons On Soft bring the MMO party to the Web

SAN FRANCISCO – November 30, 2011 – Fiesta, the fantasy-based MMO RPG powerhouse from Outspark, will soon be donning a new way to bring the party to the players, all from the convenience of a web-browser. Players of the ever popular MMO will soon have more options for accessing their favorite game, providing easier access in more places which is a big help in today’s busy and technology-rich environment.

Fiesta is a perennial fan-favorite MMORPG that boasts a player base of over 5 million users and continues to grow. To keep up with the growing demand and to stay on top of an ever changing market, both the developer, Ons On Soft, and publisher, Outspark, are making sure to keep the game fresh and accessible with new content and features. The browser version of the game will be arriving soon for North American audiences and is only one part of a yet to be revealed major expansion coming to Fiesta.

“With such a large fan following,” says Philip Yun, CEO of Outspark, “We hear plenty of opinions on what players want. In preparation for more content coming in the future, we wanted to provide old and new players more ways to enjoy and play their favorite MMO.”

While the browser version of Fiesta is currently still in development, Outspark is looking to release the new client this winter. The browser client allows players access to the same Fiesta servers that avid players currently play on with all experience, achievements, and items accrued during play being saved to the account in the just the same way as playing on the native client for the game. This means that players from either version can party with their friends to take on challenging world bosses, team up to take on dungeons or kingdom quests, or even challenge other players in the various PvP arenas available in the game.

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