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FFXIV Best Server for New Players: Find Your New Home!

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular MMORPG games that millions of players worldwide cherish to this day, even though it has been popular for quite a while. The sheer amount of things to consider may be underwhelming for beginning players, but it’s a welcoming experience even if you are just starting your journey.

In this article, we will be talking about the best servers that new players can enjoy to avoid some hardcore raiding communities that may be an issue for some beginners. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

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FFXIV – Free Trial

First thing to consider when getting into the game is to just try it out for yourself. You have a lot of hours to see if it’s the right fit for you, and there are plenty of things that you can enjoy before deciding to buy the subscription.

The free trial is over 100 hours, with the base story A Realm Reborn and the first expansion Heavensward. After you finish those two, you must subscribe to the game and pay a monthly fee.

FFXIV – Best Servers

There are plenty of extraordinary worlds to explore in Final Fantasy. Some may be more suited to your needs than others, but overall – everyone will find something for themselves. In this article, we will go over the top of the top regarding server quality which will also translate into how smooth and enjoyable the gameplay is.

But even the best server will not be great if your internet is not up to the task. Before choosing a server, be sure to make it clear that everything on your end is ok, as it will impact not only your gameplay but the people on the server as well.

If you have constant problems, contact your Internet Service Provider and ask for assistance. It may be in your best interest for the future as well. You can also try using some of the ping reduction software available online. We can recommend NoPing to mitigate any high ping/packet losing-related issues, for example. And now, let’s find the best server for you!

Difference Between Data Center and World

First, let’s explain the main difference between the Data Center and the World and its meaning.

Data Center 

Basically, the Data Centers are region-based, and you can find them worldwide. For example, the regional Data Center will assign European or Japanese players to the nearest server and let them enjoy the game with less lag and lower ping. Choosing the Data Center closest to the player location is recommended, as it will ensure the best connection.

You will not be able to visit other Data Centers in other regions for now, although you can transfer the Data Center region within your area. For example, you can transfer between different Data Centers in Europe, but while in Europe, you cannot access the North America Data Centers.


Worlds is a sub-element of the Data Center. In every primal Data Center, there is a couple of Worlds. For example, in European Data Center, you can find sixteen worlds. Of course, not every world is the same; some tend to be more popular than others. We have provided you with a complete list of every single world in the game with a description of how congested it is. You can find it in the end.

You can change the world whenever you like, travel between them, and visit your friends if they happen elsewhere. There are only a few restrictions; here is the FAQ from Square Enix to help you navigate these waters.

Best Servers for New Players in FFXIV

With that in mind, let’s review some of the game’s best servers. Of course, there is no one best FFXIV server in the game, as it all revolves around what kind of Data Centers you can access, but there are a lot of exciting places to visit that we can recommend.


If you live in Europe – this is one of the best places to start your journey. This server has a great balance between some casual everyday gaming and some pretty interesting end-game scenarios.

What can you expect from this server? Well, a lot of English-speaking population, not many Russian-speaking players, and a lot of additional activities. For example, Lich is known for its hunting community and great role-playing opportunities due to its many housing areas.

But the best thing about this server is probably the people. Everyone is accepting and welcoming. There isn’t any trolling or whatnot. You can roam the world talking to helpful people who will always assist you when you need help leveling up.

Additionally, there are a lot of fantastic events for all players. Lich is one of the go-to servers for any casual gamer in Europe, and for a reason!


Faerie is a pretty specific server in North America. The most known fact about this server is that there are a lot of people from the LGBTQ+ community who feel at home there. And it sort of shows in the overall vibe the Faerie gives. Here, it’s all about pizzazz! There are plenty of competitions where you can present your best outfit to the other players.

Everyone at Faerie is chill, there are a lot of social interactions, and overall – it’s a great place to start your journey with Final Fantasy. It’s one of the most open-minded servers in general, so if you feel like being welcomed, you like talking to new people, and meeting others – it is definitely a great choice for you!


Among many Japanese Data Centers, this is the largest English-speaking one. Most people from the English-speaking community in Asia are here, although some have moved to Materia.

In this server, as it is indeed a Japanese Data Center at heart, even with the high amount of English-speaking players; the story is all that matters. If you want to find some people to move further into the campaign with and not get distracted by additional tasks – Tonberry is a place for you. You will not only be able to accomplish that, but you can also get into some of the most fun raids in the game.

And – if you are up for a hunt – there are a lot of great hunters out there, so if it’s something you would like to explore – then definitely check this one out.


If you are looking for a large Italian-speaking population – there is no better server than Zodiark, with some German element to it as well. The main focus of this server is the crafting and gathering of materials. If you want to get the best gear there is and need some resources to do so, Zodiark players will guide you to it.

Whether it’s something as simple as cooking or more complex as brewing magic potions, there is a place for all that in Zodiark. People are nice, everyone seems to be chilling, so there is no rush in doing anything.


One of the most popular Japanese servers ever – Durandal is the place to go if you want to feel at home. It is the primary RP server for players from Asia and has one of the tightest communities in the game.

The best thing about this server is the amount of crafting you can do. They have literally everything you need with so many helpful people on this server, who will likely guide you through some basic concepts and places that you should visit. Durandal is a place many people call home, and with many available houses – you can make it your own as well!


Or as they call it in French – Ragnaroq! Well, that is not exactly true, but what is, is the fact that you will encounter a large French-speaking population on this server and lots of Arabic players. The multicultural mix in this game is what makes it so interesting!

The main focus of this server is to perform some of the most interesting role-playing activities that you will ever encounter in your life! You can dress up, go to your friends, find some cool activities and just live with the others, not focusing on the main task.

Although, that is also possible, as there is a decent raiding community on Ragnarok that can get you through some of the more problematic situations in the game.

If you are looking for something beginner friendly in Europe – you will find it here. People are extremely helpful, and there is no trolling or name-calling here, so you can sleep well knowing that you can go back there with no issues whatsoever.


And another European server on our list – Odin. As you may presume, the Odin is mostly filled with people from Scandinavia, who enjoy talking over some good ale after a well-spent journey.

People here are extremely friendly and chatty, so if you want to talk a little bit about Final Fantasy, your life, decorations at your house, or anything else – you will find people for that on this server.

It’s also great for beginners because many people are still going through the first two campaigns in the trial version.

On the other hand, it’s the Main Raiding Server in Europe, so if you want to polish your skills in this hardcore community – then you should definitely go on one of those raids with Vikings! You will surely find a group that will suit your needs!


Next up, we have Cactuar, or as some people may call it, the goofy server. Why is that, you ask? Well, there is a lot of silliness going on at Cactuar. It’s one of the biggest Spanish-speaking servers in North America.

If you want to join in for the laughter and tears – this is where you want to be. It has it all – jokes, pranks, and a surprisingly well-organized hunt community. So organized that if you are not sure if you can be ready to go all out into the raid, you will likely be banned.

But there is a lot of potential there as well. For example, they have some pretty cheap potions to optimize your raids. It’s a primary server for people who like to have fun, but also, when the time comes, they are extremely serious.


And finally, we have Jenova, the main US server in the game. This is where you can make friendships that will last your entire lifetime. The main pull for this community is how open and helpful it is. Whether you have the need for a hunt or you just want to keep it lowkey and make some friends, it is one of the best communities to start your journey with Final Fantasy 14.

There are a lot of role-playing, events, and a rather grand hunting community, so if you need to find some partners to go on an adventure with – there is definitely a time and place for that.

Jenova is considered to be one of the most popular servers in the Final Fantasy XIV and for a reason. People have praised the community as a whole and how you can actually find some like-minded people there. If we would choose the server of our choice, Jenova would be the one in our book.

Full List of Servers in Final Fantasy XIV

But – there are plenty of servers for you to choose from, some more interesting than others. We have prepared for you the full list of all the worlds with their server status that you can join. Here is the explanation of what each concept means.

  • Congested Worlds are not accepting character transfers or introducing new characters
  • Standard Worlds accept new characters and transfers typically, but there may be some issues.
  • Preferred and New Worlds are free to transfer to or create a character and have usually a low population; additionally, Preferred Worlds have some XP bonuses for players living there.
North America Region Japanese Worlds
Name Status Name Status
Adamantoise Standard Aegis Preferred
Balmung Congested Alexander Preferred
Behemoth Congested Anima Congested
Brynhildr Standard Asura Congested
Cactuar Standard Atomos Standard
Coeurl Standard Bahamut Standard
Diabolos Standard Belias Preferred
Excalibur Standard Carbuncle Standard
Exodus Congested Chocobo Congested
Faerie Congested Durandal Preferred
Famfrit Standard Fenrir Standard
Gilgamesh Standard Garuda Standard
Goblin Standard Gungnir Preferred
Halicarnassus New Hades Congested
Hyperion Standard Ifrit Stanard
Jenova Standard Ixion Congested
Lamia Standard Kujata Standard
Leviathan Standard Mandragora Standard
Maduin New Masamune Congested
Malboro Standard Pandaemonium Congested
Marilith New Ramuh Standard
Mateus Congested Ridill Standard
Midgardsormr Congested Shinryu Standard
Sargatanas Standard Tiamut Standard
Seraph New Titan Congested
Siren Congested Tonberry Standard
Ultros Standard Typhon Standard
Zalera Standard Ultima Standard
Unicorn Standard
Valefor Standard
Yojimbo Preferred
Zeromus Preferred
European Worlds Oceania Worlds
Name Status Name Status
Alpha New Bismark New
Cerebus Standard Ravana New
Lich Standard Sephirot New
Louisoix Standard Sophia New
Moogle Congested Zurvan New
Odin Congested
Omega Standard
Phantom New
Phoenix Congested
Ragnarok Congested
Raiden New
Sagittarius New
Shiva Standard
Spriggan Standard
Twintania Standard
Zodiark Standard

FFXIV Best Server For New Players – Conclusion

As you can see, this wide world of Final Fantasy XIV is full of incredible opportunities. Whether you are a casual gamer who wants to enjoy some great role-playing aspects of this title, or you are a more story-driven individual, you will surely find something for yourself.

Just remember that geo-location is key, so try to find the server that is closest to you, as it will improve your connection. With that in mind, thanks for stopping by and we will see you in the next one.

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