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Hellbreed reveals class info

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Hellbreed, a new browser-based action RPG published by Gameforge, is currently in closed beta, and is now revealing more details about its three playable characters, the Warrior, Huntress, and Siege Master.

The Warrior wears heavy armor and masters melee, using either axes, swords, or shields in one- and two-hand varieties. He can summon Squires and other troops, or call up stakes from the ground. Warriors can train as Battlemasters, focused on damage, or Resilience, focused on defense. Warriors can make bandages that they can use in battle.

The Huntress fights at ranged, and uses arrows of several varieties, including fire and paralysis. She can also summon wolves, bears, spores, and bolts of lightning – or transform herself into a werewolf. The Huntress can specialize as a Creature Master, specialized into improving her summons, or a Markswoman, focused on speed and stealth. The Huntress brews potions to heal her in battle.

The Siege Master is capable of using war machines in battle, including a buzzsaw and grenades, and heals his wounds by cauterizing them. He can train further as a constructor, which improves war machines and allows him to research new machines, or as a besieger, who focuses on damage output and breaking through walls and gates.

GameForge also publishes OGame, BiteFight, Ikariam, and 4Story.

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Hellish good: The characters of Hellbreed

Skills and Specialties of the Siege Master, the Warrior and the Huntress

Karlsruhe, Germany, 8th July 2011 – In the browser-based action RPG Hellbreed by Gameforge, international leading provider of online games, the player bravely faces off against the creatures of Darken and attempts to reunite the world of Manjuri, which has been broken into fragments by the gods. At the beginning of the game you can choose between one of three playable characters – the Warrior, the Huntress or the Siege Master. As is common in RPGs, Hellbreed also offers you the chance to train your character in a specific field as you level up.

The Siege Master
Anyone who enjoys fighting hordes of enemies in melee combat will like the Siege Master. He is a fun chap to be around, and he enjoys drinking a barrel or two of ale for supper and telling of his adventures in the divided world.

Skills: The Siege Master has a unique ability at his disposal. He can make use of war machines in battle. These include a mighty buzzsaw that appears beneath his opponents, and small grenades that explode, causing fire damage to several enemies at the same time.

Specialties: As he develops, the Siege Master can either train as a “constructor” or “besieger”. Constructors are dedicated to improving existing war machines and researching new ones. They don’t just care about maximising damage – the number of shots and the service life of the war machine is also important to them. The besieger, on the other hand, is much more concerned with how best to come crashing through thick stone walls and iron gates.

A true Siege Master also has no use of bandages, ointments or healing potions. Wounds are healed the traditional way – by cauterising them!

The Warrior
The Warrior is a master of melee combat and is able to wear heavy armour, and this makes him an opponent that is difficult to fell. He is man to whom honour is everything, and he has dedicated his sword to protecting the weak. A Warrior is not choosy when it comes to selecting his weapon, and he will take what he can get, whether it be a one-handed or two-handed weapon, an axe, a sword or a shield.

Skills: His crushing blows can bring down giants and trees. He can summon Squires and call upon troops to stand by him in battle. And when hordes of enemies threaten to overrun him, he can call upon sharp stakes that rise from the ground.

Specialties: A Warrior can train either as a “Battlemaster”, which helps him to inflict more damage, or he can opt for “Resilience”, which makes it even more difficult for enemies to damage the already difficult-to-defeat hero.

A warrior wouldn’t be a warrior if he couldn’t treat his own wounds. To this end, he is skilled in the production of bandages that he can use at any time – even in battle.

The Huntress
The Huntress is nimble, skilled and usually fights from a distance. She loves nature and avoids throngs of people. Should anyone ever manage to get her talking, they would do well to be superbly acquainted with the local flora and fauna.

Skills: The Huntress is a master of long-range combat, and has at her disposal not only normal arrows, but also fire arrows and paralysing arrows. However, the Huntress is no less a force to be reckoned with in melee combat. She can summon companions such as wolves or bears to support her in battle. She can call up deadly spores or bolts of lightning from thin air to bring her opponents to their knees, but her most powerful incantation is the “Metamorphosis”, which transforms her into a werewolf.

Specialties: If you enjoy exploring the world with an animal companion at your side, you will probably want to train as a “Creature Master”. Even though a wolf may seem tame as he accompanies the Huntress, he will transform into a ravaging beast in battle and defend his mistress with his life. A Huntress that trains as a markswoman, on the other hand, will focus on being faster, stealthier, and deadlier. This training provides her with many skills that are of use to her in long-range combat.

As a child of nature, the Huntress is familiar with the healing plants of the world and uses them to brew healing potions that assist her in battle.

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