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Fatal Flash Launches Kickstarter Today

Indie Studio Single “A” Production has officially launched the Kickstarter for their first game, Fatal Flash. It is a free-to-play 2D competitive arena brawler for PC, Mac, and Linux. If it is successfully funded, it will feature 12+ character archetypes on release, along with multiple combat and multiplayer game modes, as well as a host of character customization options. The Kickstarter is funning until March 15 2018, with a goal of $25,000.  Should this be met, stretch goals include other platforms such as the Switch, Xbox One and Playstation 4. There are also community achievements that do not require financial backing to earn and participate in, which unlock additional game features, including a new character archetype and more customization. There is also a demo available to the public, which can be found at this link.

Available Rewards:

  • Early Bird Discounts – get access to the game and other rewards at a discounted rate if you are an early backer.
  • Closed Beta Access – get a Beta Key to access the game prior to release and provide the developers with feedback and insight.
  • Keys to Share – This game is better with friends, so back at levels to receive multiple keys to give out as gifts.
  • Producer Credit – Have your name credited at different producer levels on the game.
  • Design Input – Get the opportunity to work with the developers to design an element of the game from a card set to an entire character archetype.
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