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MapleStory Celebrates 18th Anniversary

Maple Momentree

MapleStory has begun a celebratory event in honor of its 18 year anniversary!

To commemorate this special occasion, MapleStory is throwing one monumental anniversary party with in-game celebrations galore, complete with cake and prizes! Follow the growth of twin tree spirits Rith and Ellie with the use of the Growth Journal, help fight off invasive moles in the Defeat Moles event, participate in thrilling ghost hunts for EXP rewards, and spend all those Memory Tokens at the Memory Token Shop for all sorts of special rewards. Grab your party hats because MapleStory is kicking this anniversary bash off with a bang.

Somewhere in Maple World, a giant maple tree called the Maple Momentree has appeared and its twin tree spirits, Rith and Ellie, have stopped growing due to the stoppage of time. Collecting Memory Tokens will restore time and help the twins grow again. Some of the playable events during the 18th Anniversary period include:

  • Rith & Ellie’s Growth Journal – Rith and Ellie are the spirits of the Maple Momentree, a magical tree which has stopped growing. Help these kid spirits grow up and receive gifts throughout the event.
  • Defeat Moles – Moles are popping up near the Momentree and disrupting its growth! Work with NPC Tirith to get rid of these invasive critters in this timed damage-dealing challenge.
  • Magic Wardrobe – Defeat the ghosts inside the Magic Wardrobe on the second floor of Maple Momentree to dispel Rith and Ellie’s fears and receive EXP!
  • Happy Playtime! – Play time is essential for kids’ happy growth! Play with toys together with Rith and Ellie to receive Memory Tokens and EXP!
  • Power Up! Cooking Collection – Select foods which offer various buffs to help you grow.
  • Extreme Dolphin Fountain – Fly the friendly skies on Rith and Ellie’s cute pet dolphin, Willy, and receive exciting level-ups! Visit the third floor of Maple Momentree to start.
  • Nostalgic Puzzle Game! – Match Memory Puzzles with the twins and receive Memory Tokens!
  • Piggy Bank Lucky – Once players have collected all the Memory Tokens, Maplers can claim rewards from Lucky to obtain additional Memory Tokens.

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