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Lunaria Story Star Palace Ruins

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Lunaria Story Server 3 “City Harbor” is to be released in GameDP on 02:00 am, August 28th EDT as the increasing population of players demand new server. Today, we would like to introduce Star Palace Ruins.

The Star Palace Ruins is a solo, PvE instance. Take on rooms full of opponents, with monster level adapting to player level. Each wave completed nets EXP, Silver, and Star Spirit. Each level in the ruins has a 5 minute time limit. The faster a room is cleared, the bigger the rewards.


– The difficulty rises according to the current level a player is in the ruins.

– Every ten floors there is a Boss battle.

– Monsters have high HP and DEF, so players who have attacks have a high area of effect (AoE), may be more successful defeating them.

– Bosses reward players with special items. They have high Dodge, DEF and Shield, which makes players who have high Critical Strike and powerful skills suited for them.

– HP and Mana packs cannot be used inside the Ruins, but each new level automatically restores both before the battle begins.

– Players are allowed to reset to level 1, once per day. They can then auto-simulate all the levels they had previously beaten, which quickly gains large amounts of Silver and Star Spirit.

– The first player to clear a level, as well as the player who has the fastest clearing time, will be displayed in pop-ups that appear at the top of the screen within the instance.


– Enhance your attributes before entering the Star Palace Ruins, or you’ll clear too slowly.

– Use attacks with a high AoE, to damage multiple enemies, and clear levels more quickly.

– Use the stairs on the left part of the Ruins for a slight Dodge Buff. This Buff won’t appear under a character’s Health and Mana bars, like the other buffs. Standing there will also slowly drain the monsters’ HP.

– A higher Might means more levels can be cleared. Increase that Might.

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