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Fantasy Mobile Game, Era of Celestials is Open for Pre-Registration

Era of Celestials - Pre-Reg

One of the most popular mobile games in China, Era of Celestials is going to be heading to iOS and Android in July. It received six million pre-registrations in China and has over 10 million players within 3 months. The global pre-registration has officially begun. The official website, listed below, has the Google Registration for the game. With the powerful Celestial Transformation system, courageous heroes can transform into invincible Celestials and mow down murderous demon hordes. Throughout their journey, players unseal different Celestials with unique abilities and harness their powers to face various challenges. Demons have marched their way to Celestial City, and it is the last bastion of hope for humankind. It’s up to the players, who will do battle with powerful bosses, collect awesome loot, and craft items to save humankind. It also offers guilds and intense PVP battles to go along with the PvE content, as well as detailed 3D graphics to deliver a lovely game experience on mobile devices. Pre-registered players will get a permanent title and a special gift package to help them to advance quickly. It’s up to you to answer the call and embark on the Path of the Vanquisher.

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