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New Massively Multiplayer Shooter, ‘Will to Live’ is now on Steam

Will to Live is a post-apocalyptic MMORPG in a world that survived a global catastrophe. Now inhabited by mutants and filled with mysterious anomalous zones. The goal of the player is simply to survive. Whether you go alone or with a clan, you fight for territories, raid bosses, or merely engage in brief PvP sessions, the choice is yours. Will to Live reveals the idea of lives in a world, filled with contaminated wastelands, where a player is forced to explore anomalies, fight mutants — and then enjoy guitar by a campfire. The key difference between Will To Live from similar games is the well-thought-out system of fractions battles for the territory.

The main battles unfold not just between players and clans, but between the whole factions — for resources and territories with bases located on them. Survival in the world of Will to Live this is a real challenge. Your character needs to sleep, eat, craft necessary items, and fight other characters. Four classes await, each with their own distinct role to fill, equipment and weapons. Sets of weapons are unique to each class, and all will have true-to-life ballistics.

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