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Facelift for Henir’s and Pet System in Elsword

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Kill3rCombo has revealed new updates to Elsword’s dungeon Henir’s Time & Space and pet system.

┬áHenir’s Time & Space, which was introduced last spring, is one of the game’s most popular dungeons due to its exclusive rare loot and its minimal level entrance requirement, thus making it an attractive dungeon to almost every player. This special dungeon challenges players to wade through the most epic boss fights in the game, back to back. This week’s update adds a variety of new bosses to the gauntlet, many of which are drawn from the game’s newest region, Hamel. The dungeon’s flow has been revamped to add randomized “elite fights” and branching paths to keep players on their toes. To give players more chances to take on Henir’s Time & Space, the requirement of having a special key for each attempt has been lifted, giving players a more direct path to some of the most original items in the game, including Glave’s dice, a rare accessory.

Kill3rCombo is also making a number of improvements to the pet system, making it easier to level up pets and customize their personalities. Since pets in Elsword also provide assistance in battle, each pet has been given a wider range of buffs and increased special abilities. A brand new pet, a blue dragon called Wild Hatchling, has also been released. Every player will receive a free infant Wild Hatchling and will be able to pursue a special quest to the make the crafty dragon a permanent addition to their pet menagerie.

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