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Experience Divine Rebirth In King of Kings 3

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King of Kings 3 has released its latest update, Divine Rebirth.

The update introduces new maps, quests, and instances, all to help players as they strive for the new level cap of 215. Players will be able to unlock new Divine Skills, combining different components and Artefacts together to combine skills of other classes. Also new will be the Tower of Kings PvP challenge, the world football event, and War Engines, three siege vehicles usable in PvP wars.

King of Kings 3 is published by gamigo, which also publishes Jagged Alliance Online and Loong.

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King of Kings 3 Experiences a “Divine Rebirth” on 23rd July 2012

Hamburg, July 24, 2012 – King of Kings 3, the ultimate PvP and guild war free to play MMORPG has implemented a game-changing new expansion on Monday 23rd July 2012. The add-on, entitled ‘Divine Rebirth’, allows long-time players to take their characters to new heights with new maps, quests and instances. However, long-time players aren’t the only ones who’ll reap the benefits. There has never been a better time for new players to join up and fight for their realm. With a new level cap of 215, there is now even more adventure and excitement to be had.

Protect the gods by undergoing a Divine Rebirth and players will be able to use powerful new Divine Skills, which allow them to combine components to create unique skills never seen before. The new Artefact tool lets players combine skills of other classes, giving them a higher level of customisation than ever before. Pummel opponents with these skills in new events, such as the Tower of Kings challenges. They bring PvP battles to a higher level with a point-based standing system and a more sporting attitude. Speaking of sports, there’s the world football event, which promises to give players the “kick” they’ve been looking for while in between battles.

Also new to the game are the War Engines. Construct and maintain one of three fully customisable vehicular weapons that will bring the pain to your enemies during PvP wars. The Ballista, Tank and Battering Ram are your long-range, mid-range and short-range keys to victory and destruction against enemies or even other War Engines in battle. These new features, along with adjustments to nearly half of the game’s classes, deeper advanced crafting options and other refinements are sure to give players, both old and new, a much bigger experience inside the world of King of Kings 3.

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