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Enter the Dark Tournament from Yu Yu Hakusho in Puzzle & Dragons

Puzzle & Dragon

GungHo Online Entertainment has officially invited players to channel their spirit energy and enter the Dark Tournament. Featured in Yu Yu Hakusho, the hit anime will be collaborating with Puzzle & Dragons between May 14th-27th, and players can test their might with Yusuke Urameshi, the Spirit Detective. The collab brings forth the services of the Spirit Realm’s punk detective to lead the way in the new Yu Yu Hakusho Collab dungeon and take down Younger Toguro, 100% Power. Along with Yusuke, the collab brings the most iconic characters such as Kurama, Hiei, Kazuma Kuwabara, and more. During this collaboration, players can purchase a one-time bundle set of 1 Magic Stone and pull from the Yu Yu Hakusho Egg Machine for the price of 1 Magic Stone. The following characters can be found in the Egg Machine:

Yu Yu Hakusho Egg Machine:
●   Yusuke Urameshi
●    Kurama
●    Hiei
●    Raizen
●    Sensui
●    Kazuma Kuwabara
●    Genkai
●    Koenma
●    Botan
●    Kaname Hagiri
●    Chu
●    Jin
●    Karasu
Assist Evolutions:
●    Spirit Beast Puu
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