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DawnBreak: The Flaming Emperor’s Chapter 12 is Now Available

DawnBreak - Chapter 12 News - image

Third-Person Action RPG, DawnBreak: The Flaming Emperor released a new update back on May 10th, which introduces a new chapter to the story. Chapter 12, Forbidden Monster also comes with a higher level cap (level 60), as well as a new feature, Forging & Soul Shards. With Forging, you can dismantle and combine materials to forge special equipment for your heroes. Hero Shards can also be forged into “Soul Shards” which can become shards for specific heroes. Haley’s power is awakening, and the three heroes continue to do what they can to prevent the spread of darkness and the Dark Elf attacks. They also learn the truth behind the latest attacks. There are also new heroes, such as the Maid Catherine, who comes from a vampire family, which includes the need to suck blood. The sister of Simon, she becomes violent and eager for blood during the night and is a melee hero with dark magic which is not to be missed.

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