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Elsword Unleashes: The TEDDY BEAR!?

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Elsword Teddy Bear Mayhem

KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPGs, today announces the launch of game content so horrifying, you’ll want grab a Teddy Bear of… your… very… own.

On Luriel’s 17th birthday, her sister Ariel gave her a teddy bear, but this wasn’t your ordinary teddy bear… no no no! Before long, Luriel’s sleep was plagued with nightmares; nightmares of the teddy bear. Is this abomination possessed by an evil spirit!? Controlled by a devil from the 10,000 hells…. Who knows? Ariel has tried to defeat this vile monstrosity herself, but the hardworking Cobo representative barely has the energy to beat the badly behaved toy.
It’s up to the heroes of Elsword to help her out!

Elsword Teddy Bear Dungeon

New Dungeon!
He brings with him the plight of the squishy, soft and comfy sleep we all daydream about!
Brace yourself… for an encounter with Slow, the Ruler of Nightmares!
Players can access this new dungeon on every world map (except Ruben). As long as players are at least level 10, they can have access. Each Dungeon can accommodate up to 12 players simultaneously!
Players have 6 minutes to defeat the misbehaving Teddy Bear in Luriel’s Nightmare Dungeon. Players will need to deal as much damage as they can to stop this infernal destroyer of dreams all things nicey nice! With a slew of awesome Teddy Bear and Dungeon specific items, it’s totally worth it to knock the stuffing out of this monster.
Slay Slow… get rewards; it’s that easy!

Elsword Polar Bear Costume

Teddy Bear Mounts! Teddy Bear Pets… Teddy Bear Costumes and Items!
To add to the fluffy festivities, players will have the option to purchase Teddy Bear Mount and a Teddy Bear pet from the in-game shop. Who wouldn’t want to cut this fluff-fiend to pieces from the back of a giant Teddy Bear Mount?

Haha… don’t go to sleep tonight Kiddies! Well… not until you slay the humongous, squishy and ridiculously adorable dream demon, Slow… the Ruler of Nightmares.

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