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Elsword Introduces Ariel’s Nightmare Dungeon

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KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPGs, is introducing a devilish new Halloween dungeon event for Elsword – Ariel’s Nightmare.

Halloween Erilot lurks in the night and she has chosen Ariel’s dreams as her haunt. The only way to help poor Ariel is to defeat the wicked creature. Erilot hides among mimics, so look closely. Thrash the nightmare creatures that have been troubling Ariel and receive Halloween Monster’s Souls for exclusive swag!

Up to four players can cooperatively face off against these grisly Halloween nightmares to receive wicked rewards for completing three gruesome stages. However, there’s a dastardly twist to this evil dungeon… As time progresses, the monsters in the dungeon multiply, and in order to proceed to the next stage, all monsters must be destroyed. Once the dungeon has been cleared of the frightening monstrosities, it’s up to our heroes to ultimately defeat the night terror, Boss Erilot.

Earn a Halloween Monster’s Soul by simply completing the dungeon.  By obtaining an in-game key, the Monster’s Souls can be unlocked to reveal a number of awesome Halloween prizes, cool costumes and ghastly accessories for their characters.

Elsword is also bringing back their exclusive Halloween costumes from last year, but this time characters Ara, Elesis and Add will receive their very own spooky attire.

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