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Marvel Heroes 2015 Launches Today

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Marvel Heroes

Gazillion Entertainment is pleased to announce the launch of Marvel Heroes 2015. Celebrating a year’s worth of content, features and game modes, Marvel Heroes 2015,and the month-long event that kicks it off, brings players daily shared quests, trading, alternate advancement systems, and an epic end-game raid for 10 players against the massive ruler of fire demons himself, Surtur.

New Features:

  • A. Surtur Raid: The aforementioned ruler of fire demons headlines an epic end-game event for 10 players.
  • B. Omega System: Advance, alternately. The Omega System allows for even further character customization and progression up to and beyond level 60.
  • C. Daily Shared Missions: A new way to undertake missions and adventures reserved for Earth’s mightiest.

Upcoming in June:

  • A. Achievements: Accomplish the impossible and be recognized – some are even catered to individual heroes.
  • B. Login Rewards: Showing our appreciation for committed players by thanking them with many awesome things.
  • C. Silver Surfer: The Herald nears. Will Norrin Radd’s arrival presage doom, bring salvation, or just deliver a cool new hero to play? (Hint: It’s the last one.)
  • D. 365: Days of. Gifts for. Oh yes, we have plans.
  • E. End of Anniversary: A celebratory surprise event to close out the month.

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